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I would like to give my thanks to the tutors and to all of the staff that helped me through the course. I have a very good opinion of the course and I appreciate all of the efforts done to deliver a quality learning experience. I can add that I feel better prepared now to proceed with the steps to follow a teaching career. At the moment, I am having some school experience at schools nearby. In addition to this, I have completed an application to volunteer with the NSPCC Many thanks again, and I am looking forward to receiving the certificate and any other support you can provide to find me a place in a school.


I completed the Level 2 Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Schools. The course has really helped me to gain further knowledge about teaching. The tutors were very helpful when answering my questions. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants a career in teaching. I have really enjoyed the course, and I’m gutted that it has now finished.


The course has helped me again a lot of knowledge on the practicality of teaching within a classroom. I have implemented what I have learnt through this course at my voluntary position, and to my great fortune I was successful in securing a paid LSA role in a Secondary school, due to my interview responses. The information shared at my interview was based on what this course had taught me.


The course was easy to follow and I’ve had no technical issues, which was a concern initially due to it being online. The tutors were all experienced, which means that they were able to answer all of my questions confidently. I have found the content in the course to be very useful during my current employment as a Teaching Assistant, particularly safeguarding, learning disabilities, classroom management and lesson planning. I have also used the knowledge learnt from the course to develop my skills when working with children that have SEN and learning disabilities.


I would like to thank you for all the hard work which you have done at your end in helping me find this job, which I am very much looking forward to starting soon. Thank you for keeping me up to date all the way through including providing me with key information about the nursery. I was also very pleased with the interview preparation that you provided to me.


I could not be happier with the way you helped me with my application and the interview. I was successful in landing the role within an hour of leaving the meeting. I would definitely recommend the company to anybody looking for a job.